The future of events is in their ability to incorporate engaging and emerging technologies into the experience.  It's not about the coolest tool or the most impressive display, it's about developing a strategy, creating a plan, and choosing the right tools for your event. We track trends in events and technology to see where they meet and what is a good fit for your event.  We bridge the gap between the event experience and the technology changing the way the modern event has evolved.



We create experiences for guests that are both impactful and engaging using appropriate and effective technologies. By utilizing the tools that will most effectively tell the story of your event, and offering a seamless integration, guests become connected with key elements and leave impacted by the “wow” moments they experienced.


We're passionate about providing the right digital and technological solutions for our clients. We deliver measurable results, not just occasional interactions, with a focus on metrics and engagement. For us it's truly about turning events into experiences, and we realize one of the most effective ways to do that is through technology

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We provide insights into the trends and technologies shaping our industry.  From social media and gamification to NFC and on site engagement tracking, we study what's hot and bring that info to you.  More importantly, we focus on providing you and your team with action steps to create digital event strategies of your own.

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