The world of event technology is an ever evolving (and occasionally confusing) one that can leave many of us mystified and unsure of just what makes the most sense to use or fits best with our clients' objectives.

We want to be your secret weapon.  

We're "Event Technology curators," working with clients across the country to develop strategies and incorporate technologies that make the most sense for them and their clients. It's not about the coolest tool or the most impressive display, it's about developing a strategy, creating a plan, and choosing the right tools for your event. 

Let us work with you to create something amazing.



We're constantly brainstorming ways to incorporate those tools effectively into events, turning them into experiences. It's more than what's cool- it's what's effective.  


Our network of technology partners and vendors give us the unique ability to create anything you can imagine. Cast the vision and let our team or experience architects create the reality, with measurable results.

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From trends in #eventtech to transformative event design, our educational sessions help your team, conference or association go to the next level and we've had the privilege to share coast to coast and around the world. 

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